Household members of EU EEA nationals

Household members of EU EEA nationals

Visa Facilitation for household members of EU/EEA and Swiss nationals

Members of the family are:

  • Spouse/partner/common law spouse
  • The descendants that are directchildren) that are underneath the chronilogical age of 21 or are dependents, and the ones regarding the partner or partner.
  • The reliant direct family members in the ascending line ( e.g. Moms and dads) and people associated with the spouse or partner.

Client shall need certainly to offer proof that she or he falls under this category. Applications for Schengen visas for this specific purpose are totally free; solution costs can be applied if application is handed in at a Visa Application Center.

Crucial notice: this process will not connect with family unit members of Dutch nationals going to or located in holland, unless they usually have recently worked/lived an additional EU/EER country or Switzerland.

Directive 2004/38/EC governs visa facilitation and visa exemptions for loved ones by having a visa-required nationality of eu/eea/swiss nationals that are working out (or have exercised) their right of free motion. They may be eligible for a relaxed (totally free and accelerated) visa procedure.

An EU/EEA/Swiss nationwide is exercising his/her right of free motion if she or he moves to or resides in (or has recently relocated to or resided in) an associate state besides that of which he or she is a nationwide.


You may be qualified when you can show objectively that all of the following demands are met:

Сѓou certainly are a household member of an EU/EEA/Swiss nationwide. (this consists of a partner, registered partner, youngster who’s under 21 or even a depending household member); and

You will be associated the EU/EEA/Swiss national or about to join him/her; and

This EU/EEA/Swiss national is travelling to or is residing in another known user state than compared to which he/she is a nationwide.

If you were to think you be mingle2 eligible for visa facilitation you need to show evidence which you meet most of these requirements once you distribute your Schengen visa (type C) application. The accelerated procedure implies that you’ll need perhaps not respond to the questions on the Schengen visa form marked with an asterisk (*), that are figures 19, 20, 31, 32, 33 and less supporting documents are needed. Loved ones of EU, EEA or citizens that are swiss provide papers to prove their relationship and fill out areas no 34 and 35 associated with the visa application. The Schengen visa cost shall be waived.

Detailed information regarding the task for verification against EU-law can be obtained on the internet site regarding the IND:

Visa free travel

If you’re into the possession of a residence that is valid for Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (Rep. ), Ireland, Romania, or perhaps the great britain clearly saying ‘family person in an EEU/EA/Swiss national’, you certainly do not need a visa to enter holland.

Visa Facilitation for members of the family of EU/EEA and Swiss nationals

Applicant will need to offer proof that he or she falls under this category. Applications for Schengen visas for this specific purpose are totally free

Provider charges can be applied.

Visa Fee in Euros for nationals of Ukraine, Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina Visa Fee in UAH for nationals of Ukraine, Russian Federation, Armenia, Georgia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina Visa Fee in Euro for Nationals from other countries Visa Fee in UAH for Nationals from other countries
35 В Please, use the following link to see the effective visa cost in UAH 80 Please, use the next link to look at the effective visa cost in UAH

Provider charges

Charge Type Amount (V.A.T. Included) Remarks (if any)
Service Fee per applicant 15 € (Please, use the link that is following see the effective visa charge in UAH) Payable in money (Hryvnia) for every single application
Courier provider UAH 180 Optional Service
Courier hold on tight location UAH 160 Optional provider
SMS provider UAH 45 Optional provider
Visa application Filling solution UAH 85 Optional provider
Photocopy UAH 4 Optional provider

Notes: All charges in the list above are non-refundable that can simply be compensated in money in Ukrainian Hryvnia during the cashier desk at the Visa Application Center. The maneuvering charges can alter without previous notice. To begin to see the range of groups (Ukrainian passport holders) that are exempted from visa cost re payment click the link.

Papers Required

In the event that you submit an application for a visa to go to holland, you may need the documents depending on below checklist.


A picture submitted with all the application for the visa or residence/work license should conform to the specifications that are following

  • Must certanly be a photograph that is up-to-dateideally maximum 6 month old)
  • Must certanly be described as a color picture printed on normal paper that is photographic
  • Must be passport sized 3,5 x 4,5 cm
  • Complete face taken hassle free 30 – 36 mm from point regarding the chin to tresses
  • Taken against a background that is light
  • Without sunglasses
  • Without hat or any other mind covering until you wear this for spiritual reasons
  • Spectacles must not have nicely toned or showing cups
  • The framework for the spectacles might not protect the eyes
  • The lips should be closed

Please be aware that photographs should specifications that are above.

Processing Time

The appropriate processing time for the Schengen visa is 10 calendar times. Take note that the passport will be held throughout the visa application procedure.

Choice in the application form for candidates that do maybe not take advantage of the Visa Facilitation Agreement

    Applications will probably be Please that is dec once you utilize courier solution, the courier distribution might take from 1 to 5.

Down Load Types

Form should be completed on the web in English or Dutch just and finalized by.

Take note that form for Schengen visa should be finalized twice. Applications with one signature wouldn’t be accepted.

Please complete Online application form for the Schengen visa in the Dutch MFA website.

The Form is being provided by the Visa Application Centre Filling solution when it comes to capability of the shoppers during the centre. The solution is solely optional. Price of this ongoing solution is 85 UAH. Please contact the VAC staff more info on Filling solution.

Please just click here to down load the list that is latest of authorized insurance providers.

The Personal Data Information contract can be installed and printed through the website link below. The private Data Ideas Agreement normally offered by the Visa Application Centre.

Please be aware that application without private Data Ideas Agreement wouldn’t be accepted.

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